At DCA Design, we take a holistic approach to Sustainability. This philosophy is embodied in the buildings we design, the products we select and also with how we run our business.

Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD)

Our environmentally responsible and sustainable approach to building design is seen through the integration of proven ESD techniques in our projects from the Conceptual Design Stage though to Construction matters.

Many of the projects undertaken by DCA Design are located on urban renewal sites at medium to high densities. As a planning approach this is highly sustainable.

DCA Design work with many developers who now place sustainability high on their agendas. Similarly, Local Council and Community have ever increasing expectations of the environmental performance and long term sustainability of building projects.

DCA Design staff include registered Energy Rating Assessors. They have given advice on sustainability and undertake assessments of projects within and outside the company.

We keep up to date with the relevant design tools and performance codes for ESD matters, including Firstrate, Accurate and Greenstar.

ESD techniques included in our projects include:

Concept Design Stage

Building solar orientation.
Siting, sizing, location, and shadings of openings.
Natural or cross ventilation.
Location of garden areas near to windows.
Inclusion of Raingardens.
Minimizing hard site surfaces

Documentation Stage

Materials selection to consider thermal performance and embodied energy.
Collecting water and sunlight (heat) for re-use, including integration of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) required by many Councils.
Inclusion and promotion of bicycle parking and showers in non domestic projects.

Detailing Stage

Product selection to consider energy usage/performance and embodied energy.
Selection of water use products which minimize the amount of water used or reuse collected water where practical.
Inclusion of ESD and low emission technologies such as Solar Water Heating, Heat Exchangers and Photo-voltaic cells.

Construction Stage

Preparation of Construction Environmental Management Plans which include materials recycling, waste minimisation, rain water/site runoff collection and erosion.


Within the office environment we have instigated many sustainable practices that help to reduce the environmental impact of our business. We regularly review these practices and modify our way of working as new technology becomes available.
DCA Design aim to continually evaluate and improve on the sustainable nature of their own business activities, and make sustainable decisions on the purchasing of consumables, recycling and energy use.
In the year ahead DCA Design will formulate a Green Travel Plan to reduce the environmental impact of staff travel associated with the business.
DCA Design encourage employees to cycle to work or to use public transport.

Training and Development.

DCA Design see training as an important part of developing and maintaining a sustainable business.
DCA Design have regular staff presentations on sustainable issues, give presentations to other consultants and developers and invite suppliers, sub-contractors and consultants to give seminars on sustainable products, processes and design.
We regularly monitor and review the business and project activities of the business and aim to improve the sustainable nature of these operations.

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